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Generic railway strategies TOCs

train operator strategies
a research-oriented knowledge base for train operating companies (TOCs)

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This strategy research page aims at building insights into the liberalizing European long-distance passenger rail business. Its major value is the presentation of generic business strategies for competing long-distance passenger rail operators. The European Union’s efforts to break up national European railway monopolies in its railway reforms as well as developments and trends in the entire rail industry were taken into account in this analysis.

The content presented is the output of a master thesis with the title 'Liberalization of European passenger rail transportation: Competitive business strategies in the long-distance market' written at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in 2012.

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“Rail companies face unprecedented opportunity in Europe's future, but they must develop their strategies carefully.”

Boston Consulting Group - Planes, Traines and Automobiles, 2009, p. 3.